Yoga Lifestyle Apparel Made The Sprigs Way


Only 1% of today's cotton is grown organically, and we have gotten our hands on it! Select Sprigs yoga apparel is made from high quality organic cotton. Organic cotton is picked from non genetically modified plants, and is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals.

Some Benefits of Organic Cotton:
  • Absorbs Moisture & Stays Dry
  • More Durable Longer Lasting Fit
  • Great For Individuals With Sensitive Skin
  • Promotes Organic Farming & Reduces the Amount of Chemicals Used in Conventional Methods


If its not organic its recycled! Yoga by Sprigs focuses on making environmentally friendly decisions in order to lower our ecological footprint. We use the highest quality recycled materials to keep up to our Sprigs standard.

Your purchase of just one piece of Sprigs Yoga apparel will help eliminate the 1/3 lb of pesticide waste that is dumped into the environment during a traditional manufacturing process.

Styles You Can't Find Elsewhere

It's part of our mission to enhance your life through a unique combination of both style and functionality. Although unique our apparel will bring nothing but compliments, it's up to you on whether you want to share where you got it from!

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